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1Bit Wonder

Yippee! One more netlabel. Just more music that has to be thrown away on the net for free as it is not good enough to come out on a "real label"? Totally wrong: We run 1bit wonder because we want to release music without any restraints. Music that we think deserves more than to circulate tape wise through the same car radios all the time. And nevertheless, we - probably like every other netlabel as well - will try to show that "free culture" does not mean "worthless" but instead can be a highly qualitative alternative to the deadlocked machinery of music industry.

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1Bit Wonder
Feb 27, 2007 1bit wonder
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Frank Molder with a funky DJ-mix of highly danceable bits. Starting with 1bit's very own Stalker, going totally mad with Latex Distortion and finally arriving with the warm overwhelming sounds of Kiorda Däkin. See the cover PDF (available at for a full tracklist.
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1Bit Wonder
Dec 14, 2006 1bit wonder
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Since our start off, we have been looking for music that combines electronic with hand-made stuff. With Endlos, we finally found the perfect piece of the puzzle - just another amazing story of soul brothership written in our wonderful home city of Lipsia (Leipzig). This first Endlos EP is an excerpt of their 2004 album which was published as a very limited CD edition only. However, we think these songs are timeless: Enjoy seven epic pieces of deep electronica, fusing jazz with samplers, lo-fi...
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